Bodhi is designed to democratize the package update testing and release process for RPM based Linux distributions. It provides an interface for developers to propose updates to a distribution, and an interface for testers to leave feedback about updates through a +1/-1 karma system.

Bodhi’s main features are:

  • Provides an interface for developers and release engineers to manage pushing out package updates for multiple distribution versions.

  • Generates pre-release test repositories for end users and testers to install proposed updates.

  • Gives testers an interface to leave feedback about package updates, leading to higher quality package updates.

  • Announces the arrival of new packages entering the collection.

  • Publishes end-user release notes known as errata.

  • Generates yum repositories.

  • Queries ResultsDB for automated test results and displays them on updates.

User Guide

API Guide

Contributor Guide

Admin Guide


Bodhi is maintained by the Fedora Project and its source code and issue tracker are on GitHub. There is a mailing list and an IRC channel on Libera, #bodhi for discussion about Bodhi. Fedora runs a production instance and staging instance. Online documentation is available.